The Cure for Dreaming

“I love that books allow us to experience other lives without us ever having to change where we live or who we are.” – Cat Winters, The Cure for Dreaming

I’m going to be completely honest with you. I am writing this post primarily so I have a chance to win Cat Winter’s Epic 2019 Halloween Giveaway which is an annotated edition of one of her books. Of course, if I win, my selection will be The Cure for Dreaming, a historical YA novel about hypnosis. To be honest, it was probably this book that got me seriously interested in hypnosis when I read it in 2015. Her descriptions of the feeling of being hypnotised fascinated me. After having experienced hypnosis myself since then, I can say that they were very accurate. Whether or not this is autosuggestion on the part of my lovely subconscious, I don’t know. Either way, I am grateful to this author for reigniting my interest in hypnosis.

I am very curious about the research Winters did when writing this novel. Did she undergo hypnosis herself? From the accuracy of her portrayal, I would guess that she did. That is one of the things I am excited to read about if I win this contest.

Lest anyone think that this is a completely factual book, let me inform you that the story does have a supernatural element. In the course of the story, the main character, Olivia, is hypnotised to “see others as they truly are,” which gives her visions of other people as monsters and other creatures. As far as I know, this is not something that hypnosis can do, especially with those vague instructions. Also, the fact that the character still possesses this ability after she is released from the hypnotic suggestion confirms that Olivia does indeed possess some kind of psychic powers.

Despite these fanciful embellishments, I feel that Winters presents hypnosis in a more true-to-life way than most of the media I’ve encountered, and I give her enormous props for that. It’s also just good storytelling, period. I recommend this novel wholeheartedly to anyone interested in hypnosis who has a taste for the slightly spooky and doesn’t mind a bit of medical horror.

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